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Yung Millz: Moving In An Upward Trajectory. (Excl. Interview)

I think everyone has different sides of themselves, so I decided to put different sides of me out on the EP.

Yung Millz on creating his debut project.
Yung Millz ( TW: @Yungmillzsound )
Yung Millz ( TW: @Yungmillzsound )

Yung Millz rise to the level he has attained today is mainly built on three solid factors that has given him an edge. First, his knack for creating relatable music which has attracted various sects of listeners to his artistry and endeared him more to his day one who has supported him on every step till date.

Second, he learned the importance of building a strong artistic brand very early in his career. While that has helped him position himself into spotlight and to the sight of the onlooking public amidst the flurry of underground artists seeking limelight, the most important factor holding it all together is  how he and his team have mastered the act of hitting the nail on the head at the right time to ensure they capitalize on his buzz, maximizing the effect of the traction his art has generated.

Yung Millz definitely needs no introduction, he has been here and he shows no sign of slowing down. Since the release of debut single “Sista Precious” last October, he has moved with much artistic precision which translated into the release of his debut project, an EP titled “First Wave“.

Yung Millz ( IG: @yungmillz_sound )

Days on from the release of his debut EP, he still basking in the success which has been somewhat immediate. When asked on the significance of the project to him.

First Wave Ep means a lot to me because it is my first project ever  I’m putting out as an artist. I poured out my heart in every track on the Ep and sharing my art to the world gives me immense joy and happiness.

The debut project of an artist is very important because it is a point of introduction for the said artist to the world. It is said to kick-start the artists introduction of his sonic formula to his audience. Debut projects have also proven to have a marked impact on the trajectory of an artist’s career, so this is a decision that therefore needs to be gotten right. On the experience creating his debut project.

The experience making this EP was special, I started recording the EP around early 2023. I wrote two songs in the beach, got melodies inside the shower and recorded most of the songs in apartment with mostly my producer, guitarist and few friends. I poured out my heart on every track as I was writing straight from the heart on every track because I want people to feel the realness when they listen to every track on the EP. Regardless of what side of me the track is shedding light on, and what I have in mind to achieve, I think everyone has different sides of themselves, so I decided to put out different sides of me out on the EP. That way, I’m also connecting to the different sides of different people streaming the project. It’s the reason everyone has a different favorite track on the EP because it all speaks to various realities.

Lead single “Sista Precious” goes #1 on Deezer Top Songs Chart.

[READ]: Yung Millz excels and delivers on debut project “First Wave EP”. [Review].

While the project did showcase many sides to his artistry including his sound, Yung Millz believes he needs to educate listeners on his sound so as not to be misconstrued as to how his sound is perceived.

My sound is relative, it depends on how I feel. Most of the songs on the project is based on current situations. There are stories told, stories read and I just creatively bring it to live on instrumentals. With Jah I was pleading to God to elevate me, its not the same situation with Cheers where I spoke about the good life or Ifeoma and Sista Precious. To simply put it,  my genre is Afrofusion. The guitars which are played in most of the song on the EP shows how much instruments are part of what bodies my music and makes it more expressive hence the use of guitars and the infuse of highlife in my sound. All in all, its still Afro fusion.

On the EP, he worked closely with well acquainted producer Gracefingers, who helmed majority of production works on the project. On whether they were able to achieve their desired sound.

Grace Finger is someone that I have been working with for a long time, he understands my sounds and he knows what beat is perfect for any song he is producing for me.

Yung Millz First Wave EP cover art.

Being in an obvious free-spirited mood as we spoke, he was ready to make a breakdown of all the tracks on the project, which he actually did to explain the creative concept behind the EP.

The opening track, Cheers talks about the good life and all the happiness that comes with the good life regardless of the fact that some people tried to take that away from me, I’m still here living the good life.

The second track Jah is where I talked about how I want elevation from the point I was at that time because I was going through a lot spiritually, physically and mentally. I got so emotional writing Jah, that is why you could feel the emotions surrounding the song when you listen.

The third track Ifeoma talks about a girl called Ifeoma who I really liked but she keeps playing with my feelings because she had a lot of Lekki boys in her Dm. She is always offline on the weekends because that is when she hangs out with the guys she has all up in her DM. So that was why I said “first to do no Dey pain cos if you wrongly choose Omo na you go loose”. So she lost right there lol.

[READ]: Yung Millz excels and delivers on debut project “First Wave EP”. [Review].

Tracks list and credits for First Wave EP by Yung Millz

The fourth track Sista Precious talks about a girl named Precious who I wanted to get serious with until I realized she is just a materialistic girl playing not just me but me and my friends.

The fifth track Don’t Play With Me is me telling the a girl not to play with me or my feelings because I won’t like to be played with after the day’s stress where I would like to chill, relax and enjoy myself. So I was practically telling the girl that If she knows she’s going to play with my feelings she should just let me be and I would let her be.

The sixth track No Time talks about how I have no time for explanation and I just want to go straight the point with this very sexy looking girl who I was begging repeatedly not to play games with me or wayo according to how it is on the song.

First Wave EP peaks #18 on Apple Music NG Album Chart.

Although, the young superstar decided to go on solo for his debut project, which is considerably easy to understand because a debut project is expected to shine the spotlight on the main artist alone, highlighting his sound and artistic capabilities.

Yes it was definitely intentional. I did it to showcase my unique sound without someone else’s sound interfering and also I went solo on the EP so no one would take the glory when the EP goes global.

[READ]: Yung Millz excels and delivers on debut project “First Wave EP”. [Review].

At the time of writing, the project has earned considerable instant success which by all measure are mind-blowing. It peaked as much as #1 on NG Apple Music Alternative Album Chart, #18 on NG Apple Music Album Chart while Sista Precious went #1 on Deezer NG Top Songs Chart. Concerning his expectations on the project.

Just like one of my lines in the song Jah, I see this EP taking me from where I am currently to a better place. Most importantly, I see First Wave EP going global pretty soon.

First Wave peaks #1 on Apple Music NG Alternative Album Chart.

The EP is finally out and it’s making waves already, the ship is breaking barriers and sailing seamlessly to a destination which is definitely uncharted considering the success. Although, he is still basking in the euphoria of its release, he remains optimistic for the future and seems set for his next steps.

My next steps involves collaborating with other artists, and actively engaging with the art community to expand my skills and creativity. Also, I’m finding more ways to actively interact with my fan base and also making them get familiar with my sound.

[LISTEN]: First Wave EP by YungMillz.

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