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Tobbytelly is living life on a wavy level (Excl. Interview)

Tobbytelly’s latest project, his extended play “Wavy Wavy, Vol 1” which arrived late 2022 was a defining moment in his artistry.

Tobbytelly (@tobbytelly)
Tobbytelly (@tobbytelly)

Known to many as Tobbytelly, known by the OGs as Eyan Balotelli, but Born Oluwatobi Oluwaseun Egbalewon in the bubbly parts of Lagos state. The all-round creative is just an individual trying to enjoy life whilst doing what he loves doing the most — music.

Tobbytelly’s love for music runs as deep as it gets. Easy to believe as it shows in how natural great musical ideas come to him and also how versatile he is. In a sit down with an Album Talks correspondent, he confirms this.

Tobbytelly (Written as just “T” as the article follows): “I’m a musical Artist, writer, singer, composer. I grew up in a very musical household, lot of spiritualism, and love.”

[LISTEN] “Wavy Wavy vol 1” EP by Tobbytelly

T: “Music has always been something I always wanted to do ever since I was kid, far back as the early 2000’s.”

He was a mini musical artist in the early 2000s. But when did it officially kick off??

T: “Dropped my first single titled ‘Kalamity’ back in March 18 2020, and ever since a couple other amazing works.”

Tobbytelly believes in allowing things fall in place at the right time. He tells us he’s been a music head since as long as he could remember and going through the stages as he grew up

T: “I believe everything had to fall in right timing. Of course, I have been doing music in church choir, singing in school etc, but nothing really official or acceptance of the term ‘an artist’. I just knew I loved to sing and music was like the only escape route for me that takes me to my own world and my space. It all worked out.”

In recent times, artistes struggle to tell what type of music they make and it begins to get confusing. Not Tobbytelly though.

T: “My sound is wavy, it’s calm, it’s melodic, a lot of emotions, and something that’s definitely never been heard before. It’s authentic and real. Not a lot of artist out there, even some few A list do not have a definitive sound. I’m thankful to have found mine. My sound brings you only 2 feelings, it’s either the “you hate it” feeling or “you love it” feeling. Either ways you feeling something. That’s all that matters.”

Tobbytelly for “Wavy Wavy Vol 1”
Tobbytelly for “Wavy Wavy Vol 1”

Q: So what came about the stagename “Tobbytelly”?

T: “Most definitely. The stage name was actually sort of a Nick name I got way back. But at the same time in accordance with the Telly, it shows my Lifestyle on a virtual state. Sort of like a Television, I Dey your Telly and my life & light reflect so bright that you see it every where. Got Tobby way back from friends, who couldn’t pronounce my full Name, Oluwatobi, so it turned into a short term and it just clicked. Tobby on your Telly—Tobbytelly.”

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The life of an artist doesn’t end with the music though. It usually never does

T: “I’m not just an Artist , I’m also a business management student with intention to complete my course circle this summer or next fall. I do fashion. Done a couple shooters(Runway, Photo shoots and campaigns) for different brands both locally and internationally.”

Q: Your type of profession allows for a lot of traveling, how has this affected your music?

T: “The traveling is part of my lifestyle. I’m a very fun person and restless, always looking for the next grind and level to unlock. So most of this trips are mostly to network and build solid relationships all around the world. You always have to leave to leave your comfort zone if you ever you want to grow and succeed. The ability to travel exposed my mind to a whole lot of things and just appreciate life generally in a whole different way.”

T: “How it affects my music? I stay true to my sound and the root of it all by never forgetting why I started doing music in the first instance. I never wanted to be like the rest of them. Music was like the escape route and my happy place. Only right I stick through it until the end of time.”

Our correspondent then shifts the focal point of the chat to Tobbytelly’s latest project “Wavy Wavy Vol 1” and boy did he have a lot to let out

T: “Yes it is my first actual body of work. I did a couple works earlier but I took it down due to unforeseen circumstances. This was more of my newer found self, mentally, physiologically and emotionally.”

[LISTEN] “Wavy Wavy vol 1” EP by Tobbytelly

T: “I was definitely tuned in more with my self. I remember ‘spaceship’ as one of the key songs that truly set things in motion. I did had a couple already recorded songs, played around with some ideas, listened over and over again. I literally had the project done since 2021, I just needed the right frame of mind and mental energy to function and make something this beautiful.”

T: “wavy wavy is a story phase, most of the songs on this project are very personal but still relatively relatable to. Ambience, good vibes, lots of Love, quality beautiful soul music. It’s just a compilation of everything that’s gone through my mind while making this.”

Q: What next for Tobbytelly??

T: “Big things. I just dropped my EP, working on maybe the Deluxe version, we will see. I’m not pressured to be seen by people. I’m taking care of me, soaking in every love and taking my steps one day a time. It’s all progress everyday when you are steady in tune with your plans.”

Read our review of Tobbytelly’s “Wavy Wavy, vol 1” EP

[LISTEN] “Wavy Wavy vol 1” EP by Tobbytelly

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