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Hey Music Lovers 😍 ! My name is Richard Emmanuel and welcome to my Blog named ALBUM TALKS.

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Firstly, A Musical online hub.
A musical community that is in sync with the excitement, history, and amazing feeling that comes from any and every genre of music, both old and new.
Musical Projects reviews.

We offer reviews on both local and international projects to ensure you know the albums worth listening to.

Bringing you real-time information.

We are a hub that focuses on musical projects – Albums, Extended Play Records (EPs), Playlists & other bodies of musical work. Information including Release dates, statistical data, chart data, Album info, new releases etc. Our job is to bring all this information to you via our social platforms


Our influence across platforms off promotional values for emerging artists in need of wider exposure with over 10,000 combined followers and weekly curated playlists with a significant number of listeners.

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