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YungMillz excels and delivers on debut project “First Wave EP”. [Review]

YungMillz kept his promise on debut project.

YungMillz "First Wave" cover art
YungMillz “First Wave” cover art

In an interview held few months ago with YungMillz by this writer – just when his raving single and also his lead single to his debut project, an EP titled First Wave was released to high widespread acclaim, which got many listeners turned fans marveled about the dexterity of his capabilities having swooned with much precision and confidence on the track titled Sista Precious – I could recall his confidence and humility he displayed throughout our session of discussing and charting his creative journey from the roots.

While he was much confident in his artistry at the time, insisting he was ready to take the industry by storm, there was also a sharp and calm humility about his persona so much that he admitted to his inexperience. In the interview, he promised to sharpen his artistry much more while he was working on an EP at the time, which is now delivered to us on a platter.

YungMillz presents his debut project to the world, some seven months since the release of his sophomore single which kicked him into a stratosphere of increased popularity. On First Wave EP, YungMillz packs in a total of six tracks including two lead singles. Majority of the production were helmed by familiar collaborator “Gracefingers” who also handled the release of Sista Precious.


The project opens with Cheers, a melancholic record pierced and guided by prominent dreamy keys that smoothen and speaks to the listener’s soul. The tempo is calm and the delivery is just as required.

Cheers to the good life” he sings in the opening line. The line itself possess double edged meaning derived as the song winds on. He stands at a middle, closing a chapter and preparing for a new one.

He admits the challenges of the past and speaks forth his plan for the next chapter promising to make it better. The execution and delivery is profound considering it’s the first time he’s not on an upbeat tempo. It’s just about provides a balance to his capability to ride an heavy wave of bouncy beat and keep his calm on a soulfully lithe production.

Jah picks up instantly. The saxophones are lit and the drums are catchy. There are some underlining chords that are very pleasant to the ear and elevates the production as well as the artist delivery. His vocals are sultry with an inflection to suit the delivery of such tempo vibe.

The production hides the pain inherent in the narratives the artist is trying to paint although the emotions are still well on show. “Jah Jah Jah, Jah, take me way from my pains to a better place” he sings with a sweet voice craving immensely for elevation and for things to get better.

Ifeoma seems like project is just taking off properly even though the previous tracks were great records for the purpose it was created and fit into the grand scheme of the project. The tempo is notched up more on Ifeoma and it feels like the party is just starting.

However, the production is happy once again but the theme isn’t. YungMillz narrates a story of unrequited love but still insists that he is the best for his muse. The crowded vocals, heavy log drum and Highlife synthesizers are interesting additions that makes it so ear worming.

YungMillz “First Wave” tracklist

Sista Precious was his sophomore single as a professional artist and it was the record which endeared him to the hearts of larger audience. It was a soothing introduction because of its catchy and memorable hook which makes it so addictive and allowed for it to be easily relatable with listeners.

This time, the superstar goes on ranting about a materialistic lover whose demands are excessive and neither are intentions sincere even if she does acts like they are. On the project, the song serves as a much needed breather weaving both sides of the project into one seeing it is affixed in the middle of it all.

DPWM (Don’t Play With Me) is an invitation to the dance floor. Of course, heavy log drums and rhythmic shakers typify the production on this one. The record is not doing much thematically but its meant to get the waist moving and hips gyrating with the instrumentals giving solo moments for as long as half a minute plus. He excels in his idea and probably scored one more potentially commercial single to the already pre released tracks.

The Highlife influence are more prominent on No Time. The creative picks influences of how groovy Highlife records are made. On the record, he sings about having a good time with his lady. He is straightforward with his request and does not want to play any games at all. It is perhaps the very much clear now that his sound include a fusion of Highlife elements in its overall output.

The First Wave EP is a deft blend of modern day Afrobeats and catchy Highlife elements that are pleasing and surely to get listener’s attention. With its impressive delivery and production, it possess an high replay value so much that it is able to wind on continuously and not become monotonous to the listener.

He scored good hits with his lead singles, and he brought much more of that ability into the project crafting delectable singles that could easily be pushed with much probability of success. Although, while the project contains more elements of modern day Highlife staple, he uses it to his own advantage blurring the line of Afrobeats and modern Highlife fusions.

To this end, this is a good offering from the artist who seems destined for the top. Fittingly, it is important to note that in that same interview aforementioned, he promised to create a no skip project, he kept his promise quite well and maybe exceeded expectations too. He’s got the artistic swagger, commercial edge and talents to go all the way. He plays it safe on here, and the rewards are bountiful already.

[LISTEN]: First Wave EP by YungMillz.

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