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So right now I know I’m ready to take the industry by storm

– YungMillz
YungMillz ( TW: @Yungmillzsound)
YungMillz ( TW: @Yungmillzsound)

New stars emerge into the industry daily. New stars with each varying abilities and unique identity attached to their art. New stars with different approach and dimensions to deliver what they have to offer. This is exactly what Afrobeats has thrived on in recent years; creativity to refine existing sounds and create something new from an old element.

When Yung Millz dropped his debut single “Sista Precious” some weeks ago, one could sense a breathe of fresh air. A Gen Z approach track laced with feel good rhythms that caters for the appeal of various sect of listeners as it narrates a tale of love and lust with its muse. The debut was simply extraordinary.

It is with this love for his art from the first instance that our correspondent meet with the promising Yung Millz who was happy to receive him. In this interview which comes next, we discuss with him about his journey until this moment, his wonderful single and what the future holds for him.

YungMillz’s Sista Precious cover art.

A-T: Let us in on some personal details of you.

MILLZ: My names are Elvis Chidubem Martins, popularly known as YungMillz. I am from Anambra state, Nigeria. I was born and brought up in the Festac axis of Lagos state. I have six siblings and I am the fifth born of my patents. I attended Tonia International College for my secondary school. Currently, I am studying Mass Communication in Yaba College of Technology.

A-T: How did you get involved with music at your early stage?

MILLZ: I was born into a Christian family. Growing up, I listened to lots of Christian music because my parents liked music and they always played Christian songs often in our home. I also have an older brother who was into music while I was growing up, so all that experience made me have a soft spot music and made me decide to go into music. I recorded my first song titled “Ella” in 2019. After that song I knew I needed to learn more about music and gain extra knowledge to perfect my craft as an artist. So I have been on the low working and learning the essentials about music making because art is very wide. Fast forward to 2023 I’m much better than I used to be and I have learnt a lot of things I had no idea of before. So right now I know I’m ready to take the industry by storm even though I’m still learning because we never stop learning, it’s a continuous process. So that’s basically it.

A-T: You were such an avid listener of music at your early age. Which artists actually piqued your interest?

[LISTEN]: Sista Precious by YungMillz.

MILLZ: 2baba, Runtown and Mr Eazi especially. Mr Eazi was one for the artist that made me wanted to do music because he made music sweet, calm and easy just like his name says. I really admire him for that.

A-T: That is a great pick of artists. So how have they impacted on you?

MILLZ: They all have few things in common in their music. The calmness in their records and their themes which is most times about love. I will say that kind of brought out the lover boy vibe in my music. Listening to them also helped me grow as I picked up one or two things from them.

A-T: When did you decide to make music professionally?

MILLZ: I don’t think that’s a decision I have made yet because I’m still new. I think of myself as a novice in the game and I have a lot to learn. I put my head down everyday and go about how best to learn more to help myself in order to have a lot to look forward to in the future.

A-T: So, who is YungMillz? Talk to us about you as an artist and your sound.

MILLZ: YungMillz is a lover boy who is a smooth operator with melodious and calm vocals to soothe any vibe at any given time. That’s how I want to entertain with my music. I want to make easy and chill records.

[LISTEN]: Sista Precious by YungMillz.

A-T: Your debut single “Sista Precious” is out now. How did it come about?

MILLZ: I began by writing the chorus, then over time I added the verses. Thanks the final version you hear today because not much changes was made. There were some fortunate events surrounding it’s release though. Honestly, I never gave the song any thought until I heard my friends grooving to the song, it was there and then I realized that it needed to be heard by more people. We made plans to release it and here it is today. I am glad I released it, it is now obvious we made the right move.

A-T: What are your expectations with the song?

MILLZ: Although I don’t have high expectations, but I do hope that the music brings out my inner star and increases my positive energy plus raise awareness of Yungmillz.

A-T: What next for Yung Millz?

MILLZ: I have a project I’m working on which is my first EP and is set to drop soon. I’m trying to put in so much work on this project so it will be an EP that you can listen to without skipping any of the tracks on the EP. I’m confident we will achieve that. But till then, expect more banging singles, maybe a collaboration or two.

A-T: Who are the artists you’d like to work with?

MILLZ: Yong Jonn, Burna Boy and Bnxn mainly.

A-T: What’s your five year plan as Yung Millz?

MILLZ: Five years from now, I see my self making wave at the top with top artists in the industry. I see a more matured person taking the indsutry by storm.

A-T: What message would you like to leave for your fans?

MILLZ: I love you all much. Please keep supporting me in any way you can. I will never fail you on the journey to the top.

[LISTEN]: Sista Precious by YungMillz.

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