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Vasa offers a two sided experience on his debut. [2-track pack Review].

Vasa shows his readiness to take charge with his nearly faultless debut.

Vasa (@vasaszn)

If it was ever in doubt that Vasa is a top talent, his first delve into creating music dismisses all opposing views. Born – Freedom Ali, Vasa has always aimed to be unique and different in his style to appeal to large audience. He started off teasing some of his sounds on TikTok, some of which actually rose to prominence and became favorites of some users on the platform. Having had so much acceptance without an official debut, it was only a matter of time before the seemingly talented act made the full stretch.

Now matured and ready to take full grasp of his abilities, Vasa’s introduction into the industry is presented in form of a two track EP which shows the sonic style of the young act on a love centered thematic backdrop. Clocking in at just over 5 minutes, it is an interesting opportunity to hear how he fares on his first outing as a professional artiste.

Vasa's "Teriza/Bolanle" alt cover art
Vasa’s “Teriza/Bolanle” alt cover art

Teriza kicks in instantly with it’s upbeat tempo and captivating instrumentals which will get audience grooving from the start. If that is a plan to draw audience in, it definitely worked. Vasa proceeds to let out all of his intentions to his muse, Teriza (adapted from Theresa). The intentions which are purely sensual in it’s motive is aired out by Vasa stylistically with a mixture of Pidgin and English interchangeably. On Bolanle, Vasa switches his approach to show the tender side of his artistry in a “PopnB” track. Vasa fuses elements of Afropop and RnB with acoustic feels. This song bring out his true capabilities. Not only did the acoustic elements elevate the track, Vasa also brought his mighty pengame into display, navigating through the slick production with well weighted choice of words that captures an intense feeling of affecting towards his girl, Bolanle.

With previews of Teriza sent out before the official release, the track has been bubbling all over, especially on TikTok where the artist holds a strong influence. Rightly so, it deserves all the plaudits it gets because club bangers when offered by a new artist don’t get better than this. Bolanle, however was a much needed and important change to show he is not an artist to go in one direction. He showed he could create songs across various soundscapes and retains his assuredness and quality.

Truly, large part of the audience will tend to make more memory out of Teriza because music listeners around the side of the world are naturally inclined to the components that makes up the song. Besides, that is what defines what we call our mainstream music. However, it is imperative to note that, Bolanle is not an easy castaway and to be fair, a worthy competitor too. In fact, it may just have an edge as the best track of the duo because of it’s heartfelt composition.

Now, listeners have a big decision on their hands in choosing which version of Vasa they want more often. The Vasa on Teriza or Bolanle? While large part of the audience will opt for the former, this writer opines an equal slice of both with a little mixture of another form. Anyways, the artist gets to decide that in his next offering. However, it is an indescribable blessing to have a great start in the music industry, Vasa just easily and fabulously gave that to himself.


– This review is written by Adebayo Boluwatife, an Album Talks writer. ( Twitter: @BIG_BOLUWATIFE).

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