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Tmp Offisial provides route for escapism on debut album “Astro Vibes 2” [Review]

strictly “gbemidebe” music.

TMP Offisial. (TW: @TMP_Offisial)
TMP Offisial. (TW: @TMP_Offisial)

TMP Offisial is a fast rising Nigerian Afro-Fusion artist who has continuously shown his love for music and creating beautiful sounds. TMP Offisial’s sound is one that is laid back in Afrobeats and infused with mixed tempo Caribbean elements that captivate his listeners with catchy lyrics and great vocals. Over the years, the Nigerian singer has been able to show his fans all over the world his versatility and his incredible knack for creating beautiful music.

Now offering the second installment of his Astro Vibes series, with the first having been released as far back as 2020, it was just about time for the release of his debut album. Incorporating a wide array of genres and showcasing the singer’s unique blend of Afrobeats and Pop, TMP Offisial takes us through a moment of escapism across the 13 tracks tape.

In the world of TMP Offisial, there is nothing but good music and awesome vibes and you are welcome to go on the ride with me.

TMP Offisial on his project “Astro Vibes”.

On the opener, “Gbedu“, soulful jazz horns gives way to mid tempo African percussions which are heavily influenced with Highlife patterns in its arrangements thereby plunging the listeners into the sonic atmosphere of the project. TMP creates an introduction that resonates instantly with its mid tempo groves and catchy one liners “ogogoro oyato si liquor, same level ni mago” . The crowded vocals on the hook also helped to elevate it. Easily, listeners are hooked.

The vibe bleeds onto the next track and gets the project going. “Eh e dide, offisial fe wole” he sings on “Wole“. It is on here we can truly testify that TMP is not just a singer but also an entertainer with his music. On the Amapiano inspired track, TMP floats with ease on the redefined production works which incorporated elements of Highlife in its formular. On here, he carries his listeners along with an impeccable performance capable of doubling in as a live rendition.

There is no dull time with TMP. “Mujo” embraces similar elements that headlined the previous tracks. Here, we are still at the party with TMP crafting a somewhat nightlife experience and each track delving into different phase of time in the occasion. This is the dance floor phase where everyone is literally spraying their money and dancing their sorrows away.

Steady” serves as an interlude from the party anthems and introduces another facet of TMP’s artistry as tries his luck on Afroswing leaning track. Here, the beat is bouncy and the tempo relaxed. TMP brazy vocals lifts him above the production as he takes center state. He keeps it simple and he shines through.

On “Watching“, Dxnger is given much time and she shines through. In a return back to the party inspired bops, Dxnger helps breathe a much needed air into the project with her varied delivery which elevates the track. Both artists combined so well and went as far as taking turns on a verse highlighting the immense energy between then.

Lonely” presents the most emotional state of TMP so far in the project. An emotive Afro fusion track that showcase the dexterity of TMP’s capability and range. With productions helmed by the renowned B Banks, the minimalist production choice gives it a relatable edge as TMP makes captivating reassurances towards his love interest.

TMP Offisial "Astro Vibes 2" cover art
TMP Offisial “Astro Vibes 2” cover art

6999” is a tidy offering that does well to keep the transitions smooth with melodic edge. On here, the performance is sleek as he reveals his never say die attitude and commitment to achieving all he intends. 6999 originally has been said to carry a message of hope and optimism for future endeavors and this sentiment is clearly aired when he said “Hallelujah, I’m a winner”.

Duvet” opens with a colorful guitar instrumentation that sets the tone for the track. Sensual intentions and plea for hedonistic pleasure defines this track. It is in tracks like this that we appreciate the simplicity needed sometimes in songwriting as it was all relatable easily. Although very much raw and unfiltered, the execution still aligns with the creative intention.

If it was not so evident before, on “Go Down“, TMP proves his strong acumen is crafting ready made party starter bops that will get you grooving. Hypeman Luckey’s contribution is top tier, adding timely ad-libs at the most important intervals and rarely putting a foot out of place.

TMP Offisial Shares Debut Album “Astro Vibes 2”

Roberto Carlos” takes on another dynamic form by blending traditional elements with the bounce of Hip-Hop to add a form of fresh breathe to the sonic atmosphere of the atmosphere. “Kizo” kicks the energy up once more. The pre released single has been a success since its release over two years ago. It is no surprise to see it make the cut as it is a fan favorite.

Into the final two tracks of the tape, “Casablanca” has an impressive 20 seconds with its soothing production. While it will later do the heavy lifting on the track, TMPs composure and assuredness sees him through on the exquisite production. However, “Jolly” closes the LP with its call for enjoyment and hope for better days, which has been the main theme of the tape since it first seconds.

“Astro” is a word coined from “Astrology” or its closer terms. When looked up on, it most times come back as a term related with the outer space or the natural phenomena above the earth level. It is no wonder the project is filled with songs to transcend listeners from their reality to a reality he chooses. Each track has its own elements of escapism and all coming all together as a worthy book of escapism. When Travis Scott crafted “ASTROWORLD” in 2019, it was regarded as a fun house trip to an amusement park it was named after. However, on “Astro Vibes“, we have no idea of the setting or a location, we are just being transported to location behind our realities and into a place that we long fantasized about.

This is a project filled with strictly gbemidebe music and it achieves its aim based on that. Whether he is singing about enjoying the moment, summoning hope for better days ahead, or charting a sensual intention, it is all held back by one central feeling of transcending and escaping one’s current state. Although more could have been done to the sequencing of the tracks, it does little to dampen the mood of the journey into our fantasies. In the end, we are all lifted away from our worries and we have something to return to anytime we wish to escape from what we are feeling.

This review is written by Adebayo Boluwatife, an Album Talks writer. ( Twitter: @BIG_BOLUWATIFE).

[LISTEN]: TMP Offisial’s debut album “Astro Vibes 2”

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