Thursday, 23 May 2024
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On ‘Superstar’, X1N0 Reaffirms His Latent Greatness (Review)

X1N0, one of Afrobeats’ finest offerings from Abuja, opens his 2024 account on the 15th of March with the self-empowering ‘Superstar’.

'Superstar' Cover art.
‘Superstar’ Cover art.

The introspective, self-produced record taps into the shared emotions of self-doubt and hope to remind listeners on their latent greatness.

At the start, X1N0 echoes the sentiment of many in today’s fast-paced, cut-throat world. There is barely any time to worry or be a burden with life’s truckload of obligations. Still, these obligations inevitably take a toll on many, heightening the need for succor and support systems.

Some days feel off‘/’Lord I can’t deny‘/’Then I go down on my knees‘/’And I cry say why oh why‘/’(Oh why)‘.


Strategic vulnerability is non-negotiable, and X1N0 aptly conveys the message. He ties up the opening verse with clarity and resolve:

And I dey ask the Lord‘/’When my sun go shine‘/’And I dey feel this feeling for my body‘/’And I dey grind hard so I go soji o o‘.

X1N0 reins in optimism, likening himself to a glistening diamond and reaffirming his status as a superstar. The instrumentals are soft on the ears but sanguine, sure to make the hearts of listeners swell with confidence. X1N0’s vulnerability however continues on the second verse, giving props to his parents for their contributions to his place among the stars. He doubles down on relatability, reassuring listeners that stars indeed emerge from stifling circumstances.


However, X1N0 does not merely sell dreams on ‘Superstar’. He reminds listeners of the inevitability of failures and setbacks. Curveballs are never in short supply, but perseverance is paramount. Purpose—or at least, a sense of it—is also non-negotiable for one having a place in the stars. As X1N0 reminded in his chorus, his lies in music.

I hold my mic‘/’I’m singing nice‘/’I’m feeling right‘/’Lord knows, Lord knows, Lord knows I’m a superstar‘.


Coming off two singles in 2023, ‘Superstar’ is an effective start to the year for X1N0. He pulls listeners into himself and his struggles without alienating them. It is a good introduction for newcomers, who are in for a discovery upon a dive into his discography.

Listen to ‘Superstar’ here.

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