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Guchi’s intense sensual obsession lingers brightly on “Blood Tonic” (Review)

The single delves deeply into themes of her absolute obsession and dependence, providing a narrative that explores the extent of her infatuation.

Guchi photo (@officialguchi)
Guchi photo (@officialguchi)

Purple symbolizes a lot of great element which can unmistakably can be found in Guchi’s art. Wisdom, royalty, power, luxury and independence are some of the common elements which are attached to the color purple.

When you review Guchi’s musical artistry and directions, it needs not so much to convince you of how much her personality aligns perfectly with the elements of purple which have laid the foundation of her creative direction ever since she broke out in 2021, so much that her sophomore project got titled “Purple Diary“.

It’s just so admirable to see much consistency in the creative direction of the artist. While the branding looks fantastic, you must also admit the sound is great and well thought out.

Guchi’s release are always certain to convey poignant emotions expressed with sharp precision that slices through listeners and puts you directly into it.

On her latest release “Blood Tonic“, Guchi likens her lover to an element associated with life to purposely show his importance to her humanity. She draws comparison of him to a blood tonic hinting at the quintessential role he plays to make her feel good and alive.

Over hypnotic groovy drums, she uses her alluring vocals to mesmerizing effects to capture her longings of the presence of her lover and belt out several desires. It doesn’t stop there, she also attunes herself back to the memories they have shared and drowns herself in it’s soothing and refreshing calmness.

This serves as her second release of the year, starting the year on a high just as she ended the previous. While not much tweak has been made to her sound as it still carries her unique element of making romantic tunes with an aura of sensuality on infectious and layered beats, she is just busy exploring new dimensions in a corner she has created for herself.

Consistently, on her releases, she has always hinted on the need to invest in her stocks, and the fruits doesn’t seem so far away anymore. It’s time to pay close attention to her art, it might just be this time.

[LISTEN]: Blood Tonic by Guchi.

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