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Get familiar with the budding artiste, Lucid [Excl. Interview]

A correspondent of Album Talks get a sit down with the amazingly talented Lucid, following the release of his debut studio project. A 7-track soul-seeping extended play titled “Hi, I’m Lulu“:

Lucid press picture (@lucidthefirst).
Lucid press picture (@lucidthefirst).

Q: Congratulations on the release of your debut EP, “Hi I’m Lulu”! Can you tell us a bit about your journey as an artist and what led you to create this project?

L: For sure, I’ve been singing since I was 6 years old but I realized I could actually sing when I was 11, and ever since I used to be the kid who disturbs at home singing all around and in school too.. hitting the desks and stuff like that but I started posting my freestyles on Instagram like early 2019 then I dropped my first single “lyk that” after which I took some time to work on my self, to become a better version of myself not just in singing but every other area and since i dropped “tatashe” in 2022. It’s been back to back ever since. I created my EP “Hi I’m lulu” cos I wanted to introduce myself with a body of work that contains songs that talk about me on a personal level and on a casual level too.

Q: “Hi I’m Lulu” captures your raw energy and drive, presenting listeners with a mix of biographical tracks and seductive writings. How did you find the balance between sharing personal stories and creating a seductive musical experience?

L: It’s easy for me.. I don’t necessarily have to do too much work while balancing.. I express emotions in my songs so it’s easier for me, I aim to make people feel different kinds of emotions while listening to my songs always

Q: The EP opens with the song “Blessings” which talks about your personal story and journey so far. Could you share some insights into the inspiration behind this track and what emotions you aimed to convey to your listeners?

L: I wrote blessings while I reminiscing on my whole journey from the scratch, where I’m from, the streets and how I’ve been evolving and growing as time went on. I wanted to share my story with my audience and that was all I had to do with the songs on my ep. But blessings was specifically talking about my evolution process, my growth and me praying to God to keep me strong throughout. I aimed to pass the emotions that people feel normally when they listen to stories. It’s just like reading a book or watching a movie but In this context it’s musical .

Lucid “Hi I’m Lulu” cover art.

Q: Closing the project is “Heart and Soul,” a danceable track that reflects your never-give-up attitude. Can you talk about the experiences and mindset that inspired this song, and why it was important for you to include it on the EP

L: Some people might know me on the internet as “lulu the hooligan”, well the “hooligan” there isn’t the literal term but I chose to use it. I can be stubborn and brick headed when it comes to my career, my life. I don’t like to be controlled. I’ve had good and bad experiences in the past with my relationships and things of that nature.
I had to put it on the EP because I was trying to tell people about my self while introducing myself.. it’s me properly introducing different parts of myself to be known better by the people.

Q: “Hi I’m Lulu” is a significant milestone for you, being your debut EP. How does it feel to have your sound, your music, and your stories out in the world? What are your hopes for the impact this EP will have on listeners?

L: “Hi in lulu” is super precious to me because it’s my debut EP and because i get to share my stories and experiences with the world basically. Some people could learn from my mistakes and get motivated by my stories, plus I pass emotions through my songs and my hopes for the EP should be my sound being heard and connected to in every part of the world. I and my audience are like one big family.

Q: As an artist, you draw inspiration from real-life events and your surroundings, making your songs highly relatable. Can you tell us more about your creative process and how you transform your experiences into compelling music?

L: It’s as easy as talking for me basically because I sing the same things one could say while while talking. And I always feel happy and accomplished when I successfully tell a story and pass an emotion through my music.

Q: Looking ahead, what can fans expect from you in terms of future projects or collaborations? Are there any particular artists you would love to collaborate with in the future?

L: The fans should expect good music from me always. I have a lot to give and I can’t wait till the world gets to hear my stories, connect to my sound and recieve what I have in store for them.

Yes I’d love to work with a few artists but I can only mention one name because she’s someone who has always been an inspiration to me for a long time, “Asa”.

Q: Finally, how do you envision your growth and development as an artist moving forward? What goals do you have for yourself in the music industry?

L: I always learn new things, I’m always open to learning and evolving. As time goes on the people will get to witness my whole growth. My goal is to be one of the greatest to ever come out of Africa.

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