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Cowater opens up on his artistic struggles struggles on “Play My Song” (Review)

I wanted to pass the message and used the song as an announcement and reminder for everyone to “PLAY MY SONG

Cowater in his interview with Album Talks.

One of the noteworthy topics that regularly circles around the industry is the struggles that underground artist face in their bid to enter into the mainstream and dine with the top echelon artists. Consistently, many have rose to stardom and gone on to make indelible marks and impacts with their arts having gotten the chance to shine either through viral hits or co-sign from other top artists.

However, while much has been said continuously on this topic, there are few songs around which are intentionally created to highlight these issues that emerging artists currently face. While “Play My Song” is just one artist’s perspective of the whole issue, it does extend well and speak of artists who may well be in similar issues.

A-T: You have a new song titled “Play My Song” out now. Tell us more about it.

COWATER: Oh that song was actually inspired by my friend Sammietify. He’s an artist and he made a song about 3 years ago talking about how upcoming artist struggle in the music industry. I listened to it recently and it inspired me to write “Play My Song”. I never actually liked the song and I had it my drive for a while but everyone else did, especially the producer. He believed in it so much so I had to put it out as my debut for this year.

Cowater during his exclusive interview with Album Talks.

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On “Play My Song“, Cowater beings with “Number one or number two, when I no get revenue, how my music wan take boom“, to signify the recurring issues emerging artists face and which he also currently finds himself in. “And the thing wey dey pain me for body, I dey invest all my time and my money, but you no wan to jam my gbedu o” he sings with so much desire to find a way out of this phase limiting his artistry.

Even while he laments so much on various phases of the song and his intentional songwriting more than nails his message home, he still goes on to sing “I no be novice so you know, na just say man never blow, hope you go play this when I drop” insisting there is still a glimmer of hope left in him pushing him to do better and commit more to this hustle.

The simplicity behind the song concept is laudable; an attempt into the mainstream by making a plea to listeners who hold the power to make his dreams come true. While he does distinguish himself with an energetic, free-spirited performance and puts himself in a meritous position with the song which lays bare his artistic capabilities and vision to potential listeners, its all hopes that his songs get played more and this somewhat unique creative strategy pays off.

[LISTEN]: Play My Song by Cowater.

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