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Cowater: The Result of Powerful & Positive Influences. [Exclusive Interview]

My music has been shaped by a collection of different artists. Every artist inspires me and I try to learn a thing or two from them“.

Cowater Promo Photos
Cowater Promo Photos

Hailing from the vibrant city of Warri, Delta State, and now making waves in the bustling metropolis of Lagos, Cowater, born Fidelis Ogbe is a rising star in the world of Afro-Fusion. With a dynamic blend of Afrobeat, Highlife, and contemporary influences, Cowater brings a fresh and electrifying energy to the music scene.

Cowater’s musical roots run deep, with his upbringing in the church choir playing a significant role in shaping his sound and style. The soul-stirring harmonies and infectious rhythms of gospel music infused his early musical experiences, laying the foundation for his expressive vocal delivery and emotive storytelling.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Cowater has quickly gained recognition for his captivating performances and soulful lyrics. With each song, he invites listeners into his world, sharing stories of love, resilience, and the beauty of life.

Earlier this week, our representative caught up virtually with the vibrant act to discuss in depth topical interests concerning his career in the music industry and untie to the last thread that weaves his artistry together.

A-T: Your name is quite unique, what’s the inspiration about it?

COWATER: I actually got the name from a little girl I met at the church, she had a good voice and I asked her name, she said Cowater and spelt it out. Quite Unique I think.

A-T: I’ve not heard such name truly. How much has it done to set you apart and make you different?

COWATER: I’ve always felt you have to come out with a very unique name as an artist so you they won’t be any chance of being mixed with someone else or misidentified. So people differentiate me properly.

[LISTEN]: Play My Song by Cowater

A-T: Let’s take it back to your roots. How was it coming of age and morphing into an adult?

COWATER: Decent enough I’ll say. I personally had it a bit easy growing up unlike my younger siblings that had to deal with Nigeria and its inflation as the years went by. I’m the oldest child of the family so I had to grow up to become very responsible at an early age and I appreciate that a lot.

A-T: In all of this, how did you find interest in music?

COWATER: I’ve always loved music from a young age, cause my mom was in the traditional choir and she loved music also, she has a wide range of music taste and it helped me a lot. I also was in the church main choir as a teen and that was a rare thing to achieve at my church then. I will say music have always been a part of me.

[LISTEN]: Play My Song by Cowater

A-T: Let’s talk about Influences in music, which artists piqued your interest?

COWATER: Yes, my only role model in music is J.Cole. Although, my music has been shaped by a collection of different artists. Every artist inspires me and I try to learn a thing or two from them. So everyone has shaped me in a way. I always connected more to highlife and old school music during my early days so my early influence were the likes of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Victor Uwaifo, Kefee, Duncan Mighty. In recent times, while I take inspiration from almost every artist, I have a few artist that I admire a lot and these includes the likes of Rema, Bnxn, Major the Aj, Bloody Civilian. They are all very unique individuals and crazy talented.

A-T: That’s a cool list to be fair. How have they contributed to your artistry?

COWATER: Bnxn made me very conscious of my lyrics. I always feel good and I stay very attentive when I listen to him cause he paints you a picture. it’s just nice relating to the stories he crafts out through his intentional songwriting. Also, Rema made me realize you can actually be very creative and express yourself anyhow you want on any genre. Major AJ made me discover a new way Afrobeats can be made. Bloody Civ is just an overall artist, same with YKB, proper individuals. It’s all respect to them over here.

A-T: What fueled your decision to choose music and pursue a career in it?

COWATER: Oh that’s an interesting question that I’ve not really had to think about. Although, I really took music seriously when I met a friend that actually encouraged me and convinced me to give music a good shot. Initially, I did it as just an hobby with no expectation, no plans and reaping nothing from it. I did it just for fun until I met my friend who encouraged me.

A-T: How would you define your sound?

COWATER: I’m an artist, my sound doesn’t have to be definite. I love expressing myself on any mood and any genre. So I can call it Afro fusion but I believe I do more than just Afro.

[LISTEN]: Play My Song by Cowater

A-T: You have a new song titled “Play My Song” out now. Tell us more about it.

COWATER: Oh that song was actually inspired by my friend Sammietify. He’s an artist and he made a song about 3 years ago talking about how upcoming artist struggle in the music industry. I listened to it recently and it inspired me to write “Play My Song”. I never actually liked the song and I had it my drive for a while but everyone else did, especially the producer. He believed in it so much so I had to put it out as my debut for this year.

A-T: That’s a very great song. Is it possibly one of your best performance on a song?

COWATER: No not at all, it was actually quite easy compared to my upcoming project and I personally don’t feel it is close to my best work but it’s a pretty good and intentional song, I wanted to pass the message and used the song as an announcement and reminder for everyone to “PLAY MY SONG”.

A-T: Oh, well. What are your expectations with the song?

COWATER: I really can’t say I have one, I’ve always been the type that do things without crazy expectation so I can avoid disappointments. So I live in the moment and remain excited for what the futures hold but have no expectation on how it should turn out.

A-T: What are the next steps we should expect from Cowater?

COWATER: This year I’ll be introducing you all to my EP and building a community that’ll believe in me and move with me. I call all my fans “Co” because they are my mutuals. Going forward will be Cowater and his supporters growing together. In my EP, expect diversity and authenticity in it.

A-T: Leave some words for your fan out there, the “Co” fan base.

COWATER: Consistency actually pays a lot and I realized that late. Be consistent.

As he continues to carve his own path in the industry, Cowater remains committed to pushing boundaries and expanding the horizons of Afro-Fusion. With a growing fan base and an unwavering dedication to his craft, he is poised to make a lasting impact on the global music scene. Keep an eye on Cowater as he sets the stage on fire and takes the world by storm with his infectious grooves and undeniable talent.

[LISTEN]: Play My Song by Cowater

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