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“Before The Feast” is a Continuation of Falz’s Monotonous Template [EP Review]

Before the Feast, a six-track collection with a lineup of commendable featured artists including Crayon, Shaybo, Adekunle Gold, ODUMODUBLVCK, Phyno, and Flavour is Falz’s latest project. Expectations were high for the release, however, despite the impressive roster, the EP does not live up to the standard Falz has established over the years.

Before The Feast EP Art
Before The Feast EP Art

The first track, How Many, featuring Crayon, opens up the EP with a vibrant tone. Falz’s lyrical talent is apparent in the track, and Crayon’s vocals greatly lend to the overall quality, but it feels like a bland rework of themes that Falz has explored in his previous projects. While it is catchy and engaging, it does not position Falz as an innovative artist.

Popping Tonight, featuring Shaybo and Phyno, attempts to explore an upbeat vibe, but the theme is ambiguous and hard to follow. The next track, Chop the Life, starts off with a promising beat and an engaging intro but ends up lacklustre due to repetitive lyrics.

The fourth track, Who Go Pay, featuring Adekunle Gold, is undeniably the highlight of the EP. This marriage of Rap and Afropop combines Falz’s rap verses with Adekunle Gold’s vocals in a delightful arrangement. The song’s chorus is derived from a popular saying, making it catchy and relatable to listeners. The next track, Shake Kaka, fails to leave a lasting impression, lacking any distinctive element. 

Ndi Ike, featuring ODUMODUBLVCK and Flavour, brings a different type of energy into the EP, and it succeeds. Theoretically, the collaboration expresses a lot of potential and Flavour’s vocals certainly add a palpable depth to the track. 


Overall, Before the Feast lacks creativity and innovation. While Who Go Pay and Ndi Ike can hold on their own, the rest of the tracks fall flat, making the EP a fumbled opportunity for Falz to reignite the passion for his music among listeners and retake his place at the forefront of the Nigerian music scene.

EP Rating: 5/10

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