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Owizzy aims to preach the gospel of Dynamism [Exclusive Interview]

I want to reach more audience and create the awareness that there’s a sound that’s not your regular sound“.

Owizzy (TW: @Owizzytunes)
Owizzy (TW: @Owizzytunes)

In an industry where influences are scattered all over and people take cues and lessons from arts all around them to broaden the spectrum of their own arts, Owizzy is one of the those artists influenced by the previous generation of artist to ride the Afrobeats wave into larger considerations.

Born Owas Godstime Ogieva, and raised in the vibrant city of Benin, Owizzy’s musical journey which is defined by a deep seated passion for creating captivating melodies that resonate with audiences far and wide has drove him to overcome adversity and establish a thriving career. In 2021, Owizzy officially launched his professional music career with the release of his single “Tonight“. This marked the beginning of his journey into the music industry, where he aimed to share his unique artistry with the world.

We were able to meet with the vibrant and emergent act who had a lot to say and was obviously in good spirit to discuss with us on how he started making music plus more interesting details on his career.

A-T: Share with us some of your personal details.

OWIZZY: My name is Ogieva Owas. I was born on the 26th of March 1999. I’m from Benin City. I’m from a family of three where I’m the only son and a middle child.

A-T: How was the experience coming up of age in Benin City?

OWIZZY: Growing up was fun, having to wake up with large amount of my relatives who love music. I was surrounded by music on all sides so it was easy for me to blend in. I could remember listening to songs from legends like Amunataba, Victor Uwaifo, Osayomore and the likes. They all had an influence on my musical background, especially my Dad. He used to have a turntable and good amplifiers to give me good rhythm and as time went by I began to feel all these melodies in my head. It’s just kept on developing since then.

[LISTEN]: All Night by Owizzy.

A-T: Who were your go-to artists during the period?

OWIZZY: In the Afrobeat industry I was and I’m still still a big fan of Wizkid and he has inspired me and my journey. With sounds like Ojuelegba, he literally inspired a whole generation and I’m blessed to part of those inspired. Wande Coal and Styles plus too are notable mentions. Outside the continent, artist like R Kelly, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and even Beyoncé in their peaks were really thrilling and I enjoyed what their music offered.

A-T: When did your music journey begin professionally?

OWIZZY: I have always had the flair for music making, but in 2014 it began to take shape. At the time, I was going through a dark phase and I started writing some music but could not record. It took me three years to record my first single which was released in 2017. Wizkid’s “Ojuelegba” was my favorite at the time and the melody helped me control my emotions.

All Night cover.

A-T: How has it been since your debut?

OWIZZY: A lot has happened since 2017. The experience has been both good and bad bringing happy and sad moments. The happiest times was when I started getting recognitions from fans that love my sound. I was so excited that it was all beginning to bear fruits. I dropped my debut EP in August 2022 and it was received with love by many listeners. I was overwhelmed but that is actually the joy in it. On the other hand, it has not been all smooth sailing. There was a time it was hard for me going to shows and i was not even getting a chance to perform or even being noticed at all by the audience. I was sleeping in shows and going home in the morning or attending a show and I’m being told I’m not on the artist list therefore I’m not allowed at the event. Sometimes, it was so shameful, but I held my head high and continued.

[LISTEN]: All Night by Owizzy.

A-T: What keeps driving you to do more with your music?

OWIZZY: My family and friends are so instrumental to everything that keeps me going. Shout out to my late parents too, they inspire me to give it my all. They are all my motivation. Not forgetting the people who listen to my sound and love it, they are my motivation too. I want to make my music a medicine that heals when you listen to it and its with the help of my fans that I can achieve this, so they contribute a lot to what drives me to do more.

A-T: You have a newly released single “All Night”, how did that come about?

OWIZZY: “All Night” was really a great song to make. I believe you must have seen a behind the scene video of how I created the song, that pretty much everything. I really don’t like to write, I just like to go with my gut and record what is in my head.

A-T: What do we expect next?

OWIZZY: I want to reach more audience and create the awareness that there’s a sound that’s not your regular sound. The world really needs to hear what I’m creating. As exclusive, we will be dropping a new video and single early next year. The plan is moving accordingly, just ensure you are following closely.

A-T: What message will you like to give to your fans?

OWIZZY: Keep supporting the Owizzy brand. We are on a journey which is just taking off, so get ready, we will be alright soon.

[LISTEN]: All Night by Owizzy.

– This interview is written and created by Adebayo Boluwatife, an Album Talks writer. ( Twitter: @BIG_BOLUWATIFE).

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