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Malikchuzy: The Hunter On A Mission [Excl. Interview]

“A hunter I would say is one who focuses on a singular goal: to hunt and to catch. Applying that to me, I think it is more like me going after my dreams. Hunting them and making sure I get the prize.”


Few things in life are more satisfying than a goal actualised with inch-perfect precision. It hits different on the backdrop of daunting odds and endless curveballs. Amidst the euphoria and thrill of celebration, it is easy to underappreciate the journey itself—as opposed to the glowing destination. While a hunt appears to be nothing without the kill, a worthwhile experience is the real gem.


Hunts are transformative, and that of Malikchuzy is no exception. For a half-decade, Malikchuzy has built an ardent following in Eastern Nigeria while making plays in Lagos. Following three 2023 releases, ‘No P, No G‘, ‘Wos Da Gal‘ and ‘Kilometer‘, he successfully embarked on a campus tour in Enugu in the first quarter of 2024. Also in the first quarter, he released the reassuring record, ‘I Am A Star‘.

While the year continues to unfold for Malikchuzy, our representative engaged the Afrofusion artiste in a virtual interview. The session touched on the artiste’s inspiration behind his latest single and his ‘Hunter Boy’ moniker. It also offers insights on his recent tour and his desired collaborations.

A-T: Your latest single, ‘I Am A Star’, is just as declaratory as it is prophetic. What inspired it?

MALIKCHUZY: Well, a lot was happening at the time I wrote the song. So it is more like a personal anthem, a song that resonates deeply with me. It serves as a reminder to stay strong and believe in myself, even in challenging times. It encapsulates the idea that there is so much more potential within me.


A-T: You describe yourself as the ‘Hunter Boy’. What inspired the name, and how has your music journey reflected it so far?

MALIKCHUZY: A hunter I would say is one who focuses on a singular goal: to hunt and to catch. Applying that to me, I think it is more like me going after my dreams. Hunting them and making sure I get the prize. I don’t remember how that name came about. I know I just said it in some of my records and me and my friends kind of ran along with it.

A-T: Surely, switching scenes from Aba to Lagos would not have been easy. What were some of the biggest challenges you had to overcome?

MALIKCHUZY: Well, challenges are part of every story, great or small. I am still on the road, so I am still learning. I still live in Enugu, though; I am just in between places.

A-T: What struck you the most about Afrofusion and Afro-Dancehall, your preferred genres?

MALIKCHUZY: Honestly, I just express how I feel on a beat. I do not know what is Afrofusion or Afro-Dancehall. I just make music. Tomorrow, I might be expressing myself on a rap or trap beat. Would that make me a rapper, trapper or simply an artist?

A-T: Recently, you embarked on a campus tour in Enugu. How would you describe your overall experience?

MALIKCHUZY: Making music is dope, but performing your song in front of your audience is an amazing experience. Performance is something I am deeply passionate about, so honestly, I had the time of my life. Hopefully, we will get back on the road soon.


A-T: Hopefully, that will happen sooner than later. Across board, what does your creative process look like?

MALIKCHUZY: There’s really no format to it. We vibe and make music, that’s all I can say. Nevertheless, it’s always exciting to create new songs.

A-T: Surely has to be. Taking a step forward, who would you regard as your contemporary influences in the Nigerian music industry?

MALIKCHUZY: Growing up, I listened to lots of 2Baba, P-Square, Phyno and lots more. But in 2015 or 2016, I watched Burna Boy perform at Phyno Fest. That energy has been my motivation ever since.


A-T: That must have been quite the turning point. Looking ahead, are there any artistes and producers you would love to work with in the near future?

MALIKCHUZY: There are a lot of talented producers out there that I would love to work with. I want to get locked in with Tempoe and P. Prime, amongst many others. I cannot stop thinking of the magic we could create.

A-T: We can only imagine in the meantime, and it’s a long year ahead. What more should we expect from Malikchuzy in 2024?

MALIKCHUZY: It is my intention to drop more songs in 2024 than I have ever dropped in previous years, so we are definitely going to be hearing more of The Hunter this year.

– This interview was conducted and written by Clinton Durueke, an Album Talks writer (X: @ClintCDurueke).

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