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Luddy Dave hits the top prize on new love anthem “Shey You Go Dey”

The Ibadan-born lover boy is at it again as he lays down his feeling and seeks assurance from his significant other on the soft Amapiano-infused pop record “Shey You Go Dey”, which sports the now popular catchy choral chorus.

Luddy Dave Promotional Photos.
Luddy Dave Promotional Photos.

If you have ever caught a sniff of Luddy Dave’s track previously, making a guess of his roots should come easy. Well schooled in the basics music making, firstly as part of a choir group as early as when he was just nine years of age, then rising through the ranks to been a lead singer, and also to personally composing hymns, poems and other musical contents in his adolescent stage, it is not so difficult to understand why he is consistently organized and composed with his art.

Born Lucky David Oguns, Luddy Dave has been in the business for quite sometime. Originally donning the stage name “Luddy”, he released some feel good tracks especially “Ibebe” and “Jeje” which caught public attention to the talented act. “Shey You Go Dey” will be his first released track since the change in stage name from “Luddy” to “Luddy Dave”. A new era ? perhaps, let’s see what he has in store for us

Luddy Dave's "Shey You Go Dey" cover.
Luddy Dave’s “Shey You Go Dey” cover.

Luddy Dave’s new summer anthem typifies everything he is popularly known for as an artist: mid tempo love themed track, vivacious dreamy keys bouncing all over solid bass drums, heartfelt melodies accompanied by relatable but brilliant songwriting capabilities. Although, as basic as it might seem, Luddy Dave’s power is in his ability to constantly elevate this elements on every release.

Shey You Go Dey” is an anthem of love specially written to the artist’s muse, which happens to be his lover. The song opens with alluring indie-like keys which are quickly complemented by the artist’s melodious humming. On the first verse, Luddy Dave confesses all of his intentions ( “only you I go follow, she give me joy no sorrow” ) within the first lines. As he goes on, he bores out his whole heart more and gets more serious with making his plans known to his lover. The chorus, although simplistic, but rightly fills up the details of the artist thoughts, ask he asks his lover the big question after revealing his intentions. The Fuji-inflected vocals spiced up the chorus, giving it a different feels plus the heavy log drums and crowded backup vocals, it felt like a live performance at some point.

Constantly found in the thin line that explores the combination of African R&B feels with the dynamism of it’s Afropop counterpart, Luddy Dave’s journey in creating timeless piece has seen him tweak his sonic formular many times. It would not be a careless decision to make if we can all agree that “Shey You Go Dey” is the best offering from all of Luddy Dave experiments and probably an arrival point too because this is a solid offering.

This writer feels Luddy Dave struck gold on this song and reaped the rewards of not being afraid to try and incorporate new ideas. The structure of the song is excellent, the execution and delivery is seamless and well thought out plus he has had to stretch the vocals to fit in suitably. Like I said earlier, Luddy Dave’s power is in his ability to elevate himself to hit new heights, his next single will probably be better, but this, this is flawless. He has a huge song on his hands, this will go far and resonate well with listeners.

LISTEN: “Shey You Go Dey” by Luddy Dave.

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