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Krista makes personal statement on ‘Vices & Virtues’

Krista takes us through a journey as he sheds off some parts of his personality.

Krista's 'Vices & Virtues' album cover.
Krista’s ‘Vices & Virtues’ album cover.

Krista, born Edema Joelson first caught the attention way back in 2020 with his freestyles, earning him recognitions from certain industry giants. Ever since then, Krista has taken definitive steps in carving out his image as an artist. Krista just like most artists has had to do it the hard way with consistent quality releases being dished out to retain a strong external presence.

Krista releases his second project — another EP — in as many years. The EP contains 8 tracks with guest features from Celo, Obamer, Pop Leo and Posah. On this EP, Krista stamps his stance on some personal virtues and perceived vices.

Krista’s ‘Vices & Virtues’ credits and track lists.

The opener, ‘Normally‘ has every reason to be perceived as party inspired track thanks to the Amapiano element in its production, but the lyrics jolts otherwise. The artist narrates the sad story of a toxic love relationship he got himself involved in. Krista really put in an excellent performance on this song, rarely breaking a sweat as he glides through the superb production. The energy transcends into the next track ‘Shalaye‘, but on this Krista is all about staying clear of every bad energy and just enjoying his life. This is exactly the energy needed on the song.

On ‘Pari me‘ which translates to “finish me”, Krista and Celo goes on nasty mode, describing the physique and attractiveness of a certain woman. Whilst doing that, their intentions are also made clear when they sing “as she summon, I dey submit… / pari me o, pari me o, I submit“. This is one of those slow burn sex mood anthems. ‘Ekun‘ shares thematic relationship with ‘Shalaye‘ where the artist reveals the hedonistic tendencies in his personality. Both tracks carry much semblance including the upbeat nature which makes it a very groovy song to vibe to.

Wild thoughts‘ continues on similar topic as ‘pari me‘. Just like the title implies, the artist is letting out all of his thoughts which are actually in reality very wild ones. Posah came through with an impeccable verse that does well to match the theme. ‘Ordinary man‘ and ‘Condition‘ are more songs  forged out from the themes discussed earlier. While on ‘Brother‘ he lends the voice of Obamer to clarify any issue with his brother and also to show how much he still cares.

All over the tape, we are treated to exhilarating production, impressive songwriting, thematic cohesiveness and fantastic delivery from the artist. It is very nice when you consider the artist made his debut earlier this decade and has more years ahead to develop his art and probably attain his peak. Judging by Krista’s performance on this project, one could easily tip him to go far because he showed capabilities unexpected of him. Well, apart from the narrow topical base in which all songs were either based on this or that, the EP is a solid one and an improvement on his debut body of work.

[LISTEN] Vices & Virtues by Krista

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