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It’s go-time for Creen Caesar [Exclusive Interview]

It often bodes well when an artiste sets out with a clear goal at the start of their careers. Creen Caesar is one of them.

Creen Caesar (@creencaesar)
Creen Caesar (@creencaesar)

In early 2018, when Clinton Chinedu Ehemiere—popularly known by the fiery stage name Creen Caesar—released his debut studio record, AwonBoyz, he had only one thing in mind. To be one of the nation’s finest Rappers at a point, but he’s got an edge to how and the manner he wants to do it. That sometimes, sets you out from the pack.

About a year after his debut release, the super-talented act wasted no time in releasing his debut project. His extended play “Ehiemere’s Property 1” went on to peak at a tremendous #22 on the NG Apple Hip-Hop albums chart and spend more than 3 Weeks on the chart.

Consistency and pure love for the art saw him not give up and use his drive as fuel despite being in school. A 2-track pack in 2020 and emerging winner of the “Wonder Challenge” contest organized by popular Artiste Dremo. With the success earning him a game-changing spot on Dremo’s “7 Wonders” Remix Project.

School’s over, and Creen Caesar is in prime form and now more focused than ever with his new single “Go Come” and it follows suit with his mentality—Mixing Afrobeats and Hip-Hop seamlessly.

A-T: Creen, What kind of artiste would you say you are?

C: A scholar will call the term “multidisciplinary”. I’m a visual artiste, in that I always paint a mental picture in the minds of listeners regardless of what type of song the record is about. I majorly do Afrobeat and Hiphop, a solid 50/50 blend of the two—as seen in my last single. I do dancehall, pop, r&b on some days. Reason for the “multidisciplinary” term.

A-T: Amazing stuff. Tell us about your background.

C: I’m the last child of a family of 6. I have 4 elder siblings and my mum. Dad passed away when I was 3. We have very deep Catholic roots and it’s evident in the choral infusion in most of my songs. I graduated from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri early this year, Environmental Technology . The best graduating student in the department, I must add ‘cos e no easy lool

[OUT NOW] Creen Caesar – Go Come

A-T: You’re a scholar!. What inspired you to the point that you knew music was what you wanted to do.

C: My elder brother. He wrote the first verse I performed. The first time I performed was in JSS1, the entire hall went crazy. It was from that moment I knew. I started writing from that point and kept gathering inspiration along the way.

A-T: What was the turning point for you as an artiste?

C: The turning point for me would have to be after my first project, Ehiemere’s Property I. Initially, I set out to work on the project with the intention of putting a time stamp to my creativity. The kind of one where you’ll say to yourself “oh so he was this good at so so so age”, nothing short of that.

C: Putting it out and seeing the reception it got, the amount of people that used it as some sort of therapy, the charts it entered,it made me realize how much of a serious affair we have on our hands.

A-T: Have you had people say you look like Rema?

C: I see it often. Offline is even crazier. It’s the reason I had to include the masks to create a distinction.

[OUT NOW] Creen Caesar – Go Come

A-T: Tell me more about the Masks

C: The emotica, as I would like to call it, is a mask used to convey emotions of the different messages in each song. As we are in a society where people hardly show emotions, the emotica acts as a shadow that helps people express themselves without any fear of being judged. So once the mask is on, you can fully express yourself without people knowing who is behind it

A-T: interesting. So your new single Go Come. Does it signify a new era for you?

C: Yeah, right now. I’m just trying to be much more intentional with my actions. I have always been, at some point laid back thinking oh I need to have a management or get signed to a label and get a brand for yourself but when you understand nobody’s coming to save you, you have to take matters into your hands and keep moving.

C: I’m much more confident and appreciative of the whole journey. There’s a final destination in mind but I’m focusing on being undeniable at this point because when the opportunity comes, and it will come, I should be more than ready to take the baton and just keep going.

A-T: When did you record the new single and how did it come about?

C: I was self reflecting on my mental space at the time. How I wasn’t really focused on other people’s lives and it was an amazing feeling. Came back into my room, set up and made the record. Overall, it didn’t take up to 2 hours to get the first demo ready. Then I called in two of my instrumentalists and a friend for a choral backup at the end.

C: There is a bass guitar and saxophone version of the song that didn’t make it out. Had to go back to one of my producers, Laima; a very talented guy to figure out what the problem was. After a few tweaks, he came up with a perfect electric guitar addition that is the version we all hear now.

A-T: How has the reception for Go Come been?

C: So far, it is outperforming my previous releases on all platforms. I knew I had one in my hands since the day I made the record. I’m grateful and now, I am focusing on getting the record to a new demographic, new listeners that can be converted into fans.

A-T: Would we ever get a follow up to your debut project, Ehiemere’s Property 1?

C: Yeahh, EP II(Ehiemere’s Property 2) is the second of the Ehiemere’s Property series. That’s what I’ve been working on for a minute. Going hard, spazzing in different genres. I’ve had this mantra that none of my projects will sound alike. Building my fanbase to be accepting of whatever version of myself I bring out as we progress.

Listen to Creen Caesar’s “Go Come” Here

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