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It’s ‘Bout Time for Henry Adams to takeover. [Album Review].

Henry Adams’ debut album shows he is prepared to take the industry by storm.

Henry Adams’ ‘Bout Time‘ album cover.

Times have passed since the debut project of Henry Adams. Since the release of his EP titled ‘No Bad Vibes‘ released over a year ago, Henry Adams has put in the work to continue serving good music to his fans which is evident in the pre released singles added to his debut album.

After 2 years since his breakthrough, Henry Adams comes through with his debut album. A 12 track project titled ‘Bout Time‘, perhaps to signify he is ready to take the stage. Henry Adams shows thematic range as he explores different topics such as  Love, Money, coupled with Fame and Success.

The album begins with a mid tempo eponymous and introspective song. The artist songs about his struggles to his current position and admitting that he is destined to be a superstar. This song has some soulful feeling packed into it making it a worthy intro. On ‘Abena‘, the singer professes his unending affections to his lover and asking her to return singing “My love for you no be lie, I love you girl titi lai, Abena get back to me, I’m waiting for your reply“. The short interlude between both verses and the underlining vocals when the instrumentals went solo are sublime additions.

Rest assured‘ picks up instantly as journey begins fully. The lead single with Jaywillz and already a fan favorite going into the release of the album keeps things running smoothly. The production on this song is impeccable and the talented singers performed remarkably well with their deliveries. I must say, the guitars are heavenly. The energy continues into ‘No Love‘ with similar topic and it solidifies the first part of the album.

Hustle‘ reiterates the all too familiar importance of striving to possess one’s personal wealth. Both artist understood the assignment and they delivered superbly. The vibe transcends to the next song, ‘More Money‘, a slow burning track in which the artist admits his love for more money. ‘Properly‘, a slow burn love song in which the artist ponders on the sacrifices he could make because of his lover. The violins had a pleasant cameo too. ‘Omo Jaye Jaye‘ is that party jam and a wake up call to everyone ready to enjoy themselves.

On ‘Your Heart‘, the artist airs all his intentions to his lover. “you see inside your heart, na there I want to dey, I don carry mattress, make am my dwelling place“.  The production on this track ticks all the right boxes. On ‘Shako‘, Henry Adams blends the rattling bass drums of Amapiano with Afropop as he sings about defying all expectations of his detractors.

Henry Adams' 'Bout Time' tracks list and credits.
Henry Adams’ ‘Bout Time‘ tracks list and credits.

As the album draws to a close, another lead single in shape of ‘Holiday‘ comes on. The singer only wants to give his attention to his lover. “If dem find me, I no dey, I’m only available for my babe …./ because of you I give myself Holiday“. On the outro, ‘Pocket‘, the singer only wants good vibes around him and acknowledges his fans.

If there was any doubt about Henry Adams’ ability to rise to the top, the project has done enough to debunk all. The trend in recent times for breakout artist is: a few EPs then the album after gathering enough audience, but here is Henry Adams going against that by giving his debut album after a single EP and just 2 years in the music industry. For what its worth, this is a solid album in all aspects and excellent one in the production and songwriting aspects. The A&R did a good job of accurately fixing the lead singles in a timely positions so that they are not lost in the mix.

That said, Henry Adams debut project is a solid one. He made enough statement through his music that he is ready to takeover just as the title suggests. Also, his discography is shaping up well. This is only the starting point and there is more to come from him. It’s ‘Bout Time.

Listen to ‘Bout Time’ by Henry Adams.

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