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Guchi and Bayanni’s Chemistry Strikes Gold on Perfect Feel-Good Anthem “Feeling Good”

Both Amazing Pop forces mix seamlessly as they join forces on the superb bubble gum Pop production.

Bayanni and Guchi for "Feeling Good"
Bayanni and Guchi for “Feeling Good”

Guchi is one of those artists who’ve consistently left their mark on the Nigerian music landscape in recent times. While she hasn’t quite reached household name status, she’s certainly cracked the code to consistently deliver chart-topping hits in the fiercely competitive Nigerian music industry. What sets her apart is her music’s inherent simplicity and charm, which is endearing. She doesn’t delve into overly complex or extravagant compositions. Instead, she graces us with these adorable love songs that carry a bouncy, sweet, and cheerful vibe.

On the other side of the musical spectrum, Bayanni, another exceptionally talented artist, isn’t satisfied with merely dipping his toes into the music waters; he’s aiming to make waves. With his abundant talent, it’s not a stretch to say that he’s on the brink of ascending to the big leagues. Despite his relatively brief time in the spotlight, we’ve witnessed the magnetic allure that captured Don Jazzy’s attention, resulting in Bayanni’s signing with the iconic Mavins Records. The grand unveiling, or as they aptly term it, “Activation,” paved the way for his debut self-titled project—the origin of the seismic 2022 hit, “Ta Ta Ta”.

On their latest release, “Feeling Good,” they join forces to weave a feel-good track that radiates infectious energy. It’s a collaboration that goes beyond expectations; it’s a genuine vibe, a musical rendezvous where Guchi and Bayanni effortlessly understand and deliver on the assignment.

The opening lyrics establish the mood, spelling out a desire to embrace a carefree and happy life, steering clear of stress and overthinking. It’s a clear statement that they’re unbothered by anything or anyone that brings unnecessary stress into their lives.

The instrumental backdrop, skillfully crafted by producer Chech, provides a laidback and bouncy Afro-pop canvas that perfectly complements the carefree spirit of the track.

Cover for "Feeling Good"
Cover for “Feeling Good”

Overall, “Feeling Good” doesn’t just offer a catchy tune; it extends an invitation to dance, smile, and savor the sheer delight of life. This enjoyable track not only expands Guchi’s repertoire of feel-good tunes, showcasing her mastery in crafting infectious earworms but also stands as proof of Bayanni’s undeniable artistry. His laid-back delivery perfectly complements the song’s calming vibe. Together they both create an enchanting synergy, inviting listeners to bask in the pure joy emanating from “Feeling Good.”

Give it a listen and let Guchi and Bayanni take you on a delightful, carefree journey that’ll leave you feeling good and tapping your toes in rhythm.

Listen to “Feeling Good”

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