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Emmovich digs in deeper for a sentimental come back on “Normally” [Review].

Emmovich looks deep into himself for inspiration and makes a great come back.


Emmovich’s stocks skyrocketed when he released his debut single, “Body & Soul“,which gained considerable attention on the internet and aired on local radio stations. The song at the time showcased his versatility as an artist, as he seamlessly blended elements of Afrobeat, R&B, and Popto create a unique sound that resonates with a wide audience.

Building on the success of his debut, Emmovich continues to release hit singles and collaborate with established artists, further cementing his position in the music industry. Songs like “Falling” and “Woman” quickly became fan favorites, earning him a large following of devoted followers.

Soon after came a nearly two years break, which saw him release no new record for his fans and had him starve his growing community of loyalist. However, nearly a month ago, he announced his return from a break and teased a single with fellow talented artist T Classic. The come back single titled “Normally” was teased with snippets on his media platforms which had fans in anticipation.

Normally cover art.

Normally” opens with smooth melodic keys makes for a great opening on this one. It mirrors his previous releases which always had bits of soulful elements in it and amplified it’s appeal. Emmovich sings on his state of mind declaring his intention to keep his peace which is valuable to him while gearing up to make moves to do better and get to where he wants. T Classic takes over smoothly on the hook, doubling down lyrically on the theme in play with even much more precision.

T Classic’s hook flows in nicely and could easily be viewed as the unsaid words that Emmovich couldn’t express but T Classic was able to lay it out just as he wants signifying a bond with so much synergy and artists on same wavelength creatively and emotionally. They seemed to carry similar feelings as both artists just want to keep their peace making it the most important thing to them.

Emmovich & T Classic.

Upon the announcement of the single, there was no doubt hovering about if both artists can deliver together because they are both creatively gifted in crafting songs that resonates with their fan base. The only uncertainty was probably in line of the sound they decide to jump on because both artists find it easy to switch up on any sound.

Normally” is a great record that brings forth the creative best of the artists and blends it into one masterpiece. The only take away from the record would be it’s brevity in that it clocks at one seconds short of two minutes, when they could easily have allowed space for one more verse to make it longer. Even at that, it still makes up for it’s strength in that it can easily go on loop for a long period of time and will sound appealing on each listen. Simply put, it’s a good way to come out of a two year hiatus and just about raised expectations for what he does next.

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