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Agatchu’s progression continues superbly on “Bekanise”. [Review].

an improved and much needed progression from the Angolan Afrobeats prodigy on his sophomore release.


Having spent his early and formative years learning how to craft delectable tunes that gets listeners gyrating and moving instantly to his slicing melodies, Agatchu’s privilege to fill in the role of a composer for top artists in the Francophone region of West Africa most notably TayC and Dadju has helped him to prepare himself properly for the spotlight.

Debuting earlier in February with a great reception of his single “New Maserati“, serving as his first professional outing and laying a marker of his sonic identity. The track which drew influences from the mainstream sound of his homeland with fusions of Amapiano elements to score a groovy yet culturally progressive tune.

Cover art for Bekanise.

Born, Chris Hamiwest, Agatchu never fails to flaunt his Angolan roots with his delivery bearing much witness of his early life in Luanda. With “Bekanise“, released in quick succession to build on the success of it’s predecessor, Agatchu unveils a supposed new dimension to his craft opting for a bouncy mid tempo production unlike the fast paced and heavy rhythmic production that typified his previous release.

On “Bekanise“, seemingly titled after the lady who is his muse, Agatchu narrates intense sensual desires he holds towards his muse which he describes as his lover. “My focus is on you, on you, on you / your body speaks to me found something crazy but meaningful“, he sings with a gentle persona that serenades his presence through the bouncy production.

Bekanise” doubles down on what Agatchu does best; fusing traditional African sounds with a contemporary touch and influences of Carribean elements that makes for a record much steeped in Afrobeat elements as much as it contains western influences making for a balance of both worlds and settling for an Afro Swing type of record.

Coming in hot with “Bekanise” which becomes his second single of the year in instant fashion, Agatchu has rewarded the faith of those who backed him before his debut with two stunning releases that puts him rightly in frame as one of the prodigies to look forward to in the Afrobeats scene currently brewing up in the French West African regions, to the continent and across the globe.

[LISTEN] Bekanise by Agatchu.

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